Why we do what we do

At The Big Picture People, we believe that engaging employees by helping them to understand the big picture of their organisation, makes them feel more passionate about their work and ultimately contribute more.

Why “The Big Picture”?

It’s almost impossible to watch, listen to or read the media these days without hearing someone mention the importance of seeing “The Big Picture”. In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, now more than ever we need to be able to show how the moving parts of our organisation and our external environment fit together.

Why is this? Well, we can no longer micromanage our people by just focusing on their inputs. Helping them to understand the outputs they deliver in the context of the big picture is key. By doing so, we can enable them to adapt and evolve their contributions to our stakeholders’ constantly changing needs.

Why “The Big Picture People”?

If we understand the value of sharing the Big Picture with our people, how do we do this in reality? How do we crystallise the big picture into something tangible that we can share with our people and drive change and bottom-line results? Well, we are THE Big Picture People and this is what we do. Founded in 1999 (as BigPicture Learning), we work with senior professionals in the world’s most respected organisations (have a look at the clients we have worked with here). We help them to create, curate, design, refine and share their big pictures with their people.

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What happens when we put our people in the picture?

The result is engaged employees who contribute more, who finally ‘get’ why the organisation is constantly changing and are ultimately able to contribute more to its direction of travel. This is what excites us at The Big Picture People. The sense of excitement and energy that our clients and their people get when they collectively see the big picture, make connections they’ve never made before and have ‘light bulb moments’ they will remember forever. (Find out about the awards our clients have won based on our work with them on our Awards page).

What does this look like in reality?

Imagine a group of employees that is small enough to have an intimate conversation but large enough to hold diverse ideas and views (8 to 10 people is ideal). They are sat around a table with your big picture on it. The big picture is a vivid, colourful and bespoke visualisation of your organisation represented as a metaphor, a visual story or even a board game (see our products page for the variety of tools we can provide). This big picture authentically illustrates the connections and relationships between your vision, values, strategies, challenges and other factors underpinning your story (see our solutions page for the types of applications you can use our big pictures for).

The conversation around the big picture is supported by a facilitator who is one of your own employees. This person has been trained by The Big Picture People to lead the group through a 2-3 hour interactive session with the big picture as its centre-piece. The session is bought to life with activities, discussions, mini-games and other resources built around the narrative we have created with you.

At the end of the session, the group have internalised the big picture, understood its implications and been challenged to evaluate their contribution towards your organisation’s overarching goals. They feel engaged, motivated and inspired to make a difference.

They are now ready to be led differently. They are ready to challenge and be challenged when they or others behave counter to the big picture. You now have an aligned and engaged workforce, ready for change and the future. Read some of our case studies or about the impact that we’ve had for our valued clients.

Would you like to discuss how we could help you to create and share your big picture with your people? Book a free 30-minute consultation call by clicking here.

Ready to start your journey with The Big Picture People?

Would you like to discuss how we could help you to create and share your big picture with your people? Book a free 30-minute consultation call.

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The art of conversation

We believe that conversation remains the most powerful tool for engaging employees in meaningful discussions about behaviour change. Our Big Picture products rely on the following core principles to put your employees in the picture:

  • Coming to their own conclusions on key issues rather than being told what to think.
  • Visualising concepts in a way that helps them to see how they connect together.
  • Using storytelling to make the process memorable and natural.
  • Interacting in small groups so everyone is involved and participating.
  • Engaging in a process that is fun because when they are having fun, they want to take part.
  • Tapping into the knowledge of peers and co-workers who are the real experts.
  • Exploring changes that affect them in a way they wouldn’t in a more formal setting.
  • Utilising technology to engage, not distract, helping to make the messages stick.

Supported by high quality materials and your own facilitators trained by us, you can be confident that employees in all corners of your business are having the same conversations and coming to the same conclusions.

No more death by presentation slides – our clients have told us that their Big Picture products have been proven many times over to work more effectively than traditional, passive communications methods.