We fuel client communication and engagement

Our innovative approach to employee communication and engagement has been developed over two decades of working with successful UK and international organisations. Clients consistently report ‘light-bulb moments’ of realisation as their people see, feel and understand the organisational big picture for the first time.

Big Picture products bring together the visual impact of video, the interactivity of a board game and the dynamics of informal discussion. Built on our 20 years of experience in developing effective employee communications solutions, Big Picture products are tailored in format, style, content and approach, custom-built to meet our clients’ specific communications needs.

Our design and development process is made up of the following four stages.

The planning phase of the project is critical to the development process, as it gives us the opportunity to understand what you’re trying to achieve, and why.

So in this first planning phase, your dedicated Big Picture learning partner will team up with your project lead to:

  • Unearth the detail and the narrative behind the important messages you need to deliver
  • Define the change you want to make by putting your employees in the communication process
  • Benchmark the starting point for measuring and evaluating change and progression
  • Shape (and reshape) your story until we’re certain your objectives will be achieved

Building on almost 20 years of employee communication experience we will custom-design each component of your powerful and unique Big Picture product to perfectly fit the complexity and scope of the important messages you need to deliver. We’ll also ensure that your system is geared to the number, locations and functions of the people you want to put in the picture (including translation where needed), and that it fits perfectly with your organisation’s brand, culture and communication style.

The design phase will involve:

  • Development of your first draft Big Picture product for discussion
  • Second layer development, building in new ideas and approaches that have emerged
  • Prototype development, piloting and final adjustment of the agreed system design
  • Final sign-off and production of your full Big Picture product ready for launch

The lead-time between Phase 1 and the ultimate launch of your custom-made Big Picture product will usually be in the region of 4 months, but this can be reduced to meet even your tightest deadlines, with the support of your Project Lead. After the completion of Phase 2, launch of your Big Picture product can be planned and set into motion.

This fully supported launch phase will involve:

  • Assembling a team of internal Facilitators who will launch your Big Picture product
  • Training Facilitators to roll out your Big Picture product, supported by the Facilitator Guide
  • Identifying opportunities for future development and scaling up to maximise return on investment
  • Launching the Big Picture product, whilst keeping a keen eye on both progress and impact

By reviewing the success of your Big Picture product our aim will be to help you to qualify what’s worked particularly well and why; to evaluate the impact that has been made with respect to both planned and unexpected outcomes; and to support you to quantify the impact your chosen solution has made to your business performance.

The review phase will involve:

  • Measuring shifts in employee attitudes, awareness and knowledge against benchmark data
  • Seeking feedback on the effectiveness of your Big Picture product and its perceived value
  • Identifying opportunities for future development and scaling up to maximise cost v benefit
  • Review of The Big Picture People’s performance as your chosen employee communication partner

Listen to a conversation between Craig Smith of The Big Picture People and Claire Bishop of Tommee Tippee talking about the whole Learning Map development process.


It is important that everyone in the organisation is effectively put in the picture. For clients who have non-English speaking colleagues, we can offer a comprehensive and seamless translation service to convert each Big Picture product into any language. Working with a leading translation provider, the simplicity of our translation process means clients can be confident of engaging employees and putting their people in the picture across the globe.

Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of client organisations to put over half a million employees in the picture, across six continents and in more than 50 countries. Our Big Picture products have been translated into more than 25 different languages.