Our clients

We challenge our clients’ thinking

We believe in client relationships based on trust, partnership and mutual respect. Our clients value working with us because we challenge their thinking. Our passion to deliver our clients’ objectives means that we ask the difficult questions that are essential in establishing a clear understanding of the big picture at all levels of the organisation.

Typically we work directly with our clients’ internal communications teams, organisational development specialists, learning and development professionals, human resource leaders, technical experts and other senior decision-makers who:

  • See the value in sharing their organisation’s big picture and want to get their vision, goals and strategies off the drawing board and set into action.
  • Believe that if their big picture was seen, felt and understood, it could result in a step-change in business performance.
  • Are frustrated with employee communication that relies on conventional approaches and feel these methods just don’t hit the mark when it comes to fully engaging employees and changing behaviours.
  • Think that their people would benefit from being engaged in positive, future-focused conversations about the organisation with their colleagues.

Many of our clients have found our approach so powerful that they worked with us on more than one occasion over several years. We have helped them to win awards for employee engagement and internal communications from leading awards bodies.

Big Picture products assure consistency of messaging and delivery across teams, departments, countries and even continents. Our approach has been applied across all internal business functions – from manufacturing to finance – in diverse markets and sectors – from food to aerospace – and our international translation services means that your employees get the same message, whatever their first language.