BigPicture Learning has become The Big Picture People

27 May, 2020
BigPicture Learning is now The Big Picture People

Say Hello To The Big Picture People

After 21 years of operating as BigPicture Learning, we’ve decided it was time for a change of name! So, “BigPicture Learning” has now become “The Big Picture People”!

BigPicture Learning was founded in 1999 when we saw the opportunity for more engaging communications with employees in large organisations. Starting with clients such as Vodafone, Walkers Snack Foods and Hilton Hotels, BigPicture Learning rapidly developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients. This reputation has allowed us to grow organically and develop a client base that would be the envy of many consultancy businesses.

So why change our name?

When we started the business, many of our clients were corporate Learning and Development professionals and the “Learning” part of our name was a natural fit. 21 years on, while we still deliver major L and D initiatives, we also now support a much broader spectrum of specialisms including Internal Communications, Organisational Development, Human Resources and Health and Safety to name but a few. Therefore, the “Learning” element of our name means that we are sometimes viewed rather narrowly as a training company and we feel we are able to offer a wider range of solutions.

So why “The Big Picture People”?

Due to our distinctive and unique approach we have often been referred to as ‘the Big Picture People’ or the people who do ‘the Big Pictures’ so we feel our new name better reflects our personal connection to our clients and their people. Also, as above, it does not typecast us only as a learning provider.


So, with a new name, does that mean a change of direction?

With the pandemic of 2020, are we now pivoting out of face-to-face communications and engagement and into digital?

In a word, no.

Our products and solutions are designed to be experienced by groups of employees, in the same place, engaging face-to-face to see the big picture of their organisation. Using the power of visual metaphor, interactivity, stories and conversation, we enable organisations to consistently communicate and engage their employees around their organisational narrative. Our approach makes the complex accessible by utilising an understanding of social learning and role in the way that adults, communicate and share information with each other.

Even before the pandemic, there was a growing preoccupation with communicating through technology. Against that backdrop, our clients repeatedly tell us that our approach gives them a focal point for bringing people together in person, for a face to face conversation, and that this has not only been highly effective but also a welcome change to digital communications. Our clients also tell us that the Big Picture approach is consistently more effective than traditional, passive communications methods. Social distancing means that our clients can’t get their people together to experience our Big Picture approach to communications at the moment. However, we are confident that when social distancing ends, people will want and need to get back together to discuss and interact in ways that have not been possible while working remotely.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing new content to promote the value of face to face communication. We may be told increasingly that the world is now set for going 100% digital and remote, but we’re going to stand up for the value of human contact, connection and social learning in supporting real change.

So, when social distancing is over, The Big Picture People will be here, helping you to connect your people with each other and your own big picture messages.

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