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Do you work in and Employee Engagement, Internal Communications or a related area? Do you want to keep up to date with new ideas and innovations related to Employee Engagement and Internal Communications? Do you enjoy hearing from peers and fellow professionals about the work they are doing to engage and communicate with their people? Do you like to get inspiration from thought-leaders who are challenging the way we traditionally look at IC and EE?

Engaging Internal Comms is a weekly (eventually moving to fortnightly) podcast where we will be talking to industry experts who are bringing new and innovative ideas to the Employee Engagement and Internal Communications profession.

Motivational Intelligence | S1 E25

Motivational Intelligence | S1 E25

Craig Smith talks with Executive Vice President at 2Logical, David Naylor, about the subject of Motivational Intelligence. The original concept of intelligence was quantified in the form of an IQ back in the 1600s. This is still used to measure mental ability. Additionally to IQ, David explains how emotional intelligence (EQ) is essentially the human being’s understanding of emotions and how these emotions influence behaviour. Further to this, David explains how psychological researcher Dr Carol Dweck discovered a third type of intelligence, motivational intelligence, which consists of two types of mindset that we explore in the interview.
Building a career in Internal Comms | S1 E24

Building a career in Internal Comms | S1 E24

Craig Smith talks to Dureen Anwer, who is the senior Corporate Communications Manager at NHS organisation NEL, a role that involves both employee engagement and external corporate communications. Dureen has followed a phenomenally successful career path. After moving to the UK from Pakistan, she moved up from the role of communications officer to a senior IC role within five years. Dureen has worked in several organisations including the NHS and Herefordshire Council. Dureen identifies self-belief is a key requirement for an individual to reach their goal. Added with the willingness to embrace change, willingness to invest in a long-term career path, and remaining positive and passionate about what you’re good at, you will confidently steer your way into a successful career in internal communications.
Communicating from the C-Suite | S1 E23

Communicating from the C-Suite | S1 E23

Craig Smith talks to Hillary U, who is Executive Internal Communications Leader for the Salesforce security team. Hillary is currently based in Washington, Seattle. Good internal communication is imperative within a company to ensure that changes, messages, and transformations are effectively and accurately communicated throughout an organisation. The source of the communication begins in the C-Suite. However, with the C-suite housing a corporation’s most senior executives, there’s a risk to overall trust and clarity if this level within the organisation does not communicate effectively. With decision making and technical issues requiring prioritisation, communication beyond the C-Suite can often become jarred, preventing the seamless flow of communication that is required throughout the organisation.
The comms role of a line manager  | S1 E22

The comms role of a line manager | S1 E22

In this podcast, Craig talks to Chris Coburn of XE about the overlooked topic of the comms role of a line manager. They discuss the importance of line managers, and the relationships they must build to create internal communications of engagement within an organisation. Chris talks about how one business will have quite a different communication strategy to another, yet they all need line managers to identify any issues within their teams. But with large organisations, it is imperative that the line managers themselves also fully understand what is being communicated before representing their company’s message.
Employee volunteers and engagement  | S1 E21

Employee volunteers and engagement | S1 E21

The Big Picture People’s Craig Smith talks to Leader of the Volunteers Hub for Engage for Success, Vlad Levitsky. We learn about the positive impact that volunteering can have on employees, and why it can be a great strategy to boost employee engagement. Volunteering creates a rich culture within an organisation. Vlad explains how giving them the freedom to act in favour of what they believe in or enjoy, or the time to help where it is crucially needed and therefore rewarding, will enrich a company’s workforce tenfold. Employees will be engaged in their organisation and all that it supports: freedom, encouragement, collaboration, and pride – the golden ingredients for a thriving company.

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