End of Series 1 | S1 E30

First published: 29 December, 2020

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Series 1
Series 1
End of Series 1 | S1 E30

The Engaging Internal Comms Podcast – it’s a wrap on Series 1!

So, we’ve come to the end of Series 1 of the Engaging Internal Comms Podcast, and what a first season it’s been. We started the podcast in April, during lockdown, with the aim of using our time positively and productively. Most importantly, we wanted to create something that would prove useful for others. We haven’t been disappointed.

We reached out to potential interviewees, and they have undoubtedly proved to be the stars of the shows that we hoped they would be. We’ve enjoyed some amazing discussions with amazing people. The experiences and insight they have shared are second to none and have generated quite a response from a rapidly growing audience.

While we would encourage you to dip in and out of the episodes as you wish – and there are details of how to do so at the end of this message – the highlights include:

  • Our first episode, in which Craig discussed using internal brand to develop extreme employee engagement with Arafa Heneghan, Head of Brand at ao.com
  • Meeting Sarah Carr, Global Communications Insights Lead for Aviva, and learning of her insight as she explained her 7 myths of internal communications
  • Chatting with the amazing Tracey Brower, and learning of her thoughts about the future of the workplace – one of the most listened-to episodes in Series 1
  • Speaking with Hilary U, Executive Internal Communications Leader for the Salesforce security team, and learning about the strategies she uses to overcome the challenges of communicating from the C-suite
  • Hearing Head of Internal Comms at XE Chris Coburn’s thoughts about the role of a line manager in episode 22, and how organisations can develop the role of the line manager as a conduit for communications

We must emphasise that while these are a few of the highlights, it’s impossible to mention everyone that we’ve been fortunate enough to speak with throughout the series. We must, however, thank all our interviewees. Every single episode has helped to develop the conversation and engage a growing audience.

As 2020 draws to a close, we can only reflect on what a very strange year it has been. We don’t think anyone is under any illusion that 2021 will be anything other than another tough year. However, let’s take what we have learned through the challenges we’ve all faced over the last few months and approach the new year stronger and more resilient as individuals and internal communicators, and with optimism for the future.

2021 will be the year to ensure that you get your people behind your purpose and values, and ensure they return to work with renewed enthusiasm. Let’s build back better than we had before, both personally and at the organisational level.

Before we sign off this first season, we’d just like to repeat our thanks to all our interviewees for their incredible contributions, and to our listeners for their gracious and continued support.

We’ve got some fantastic episodes lined up for 2021, kicking off with Linda McCormack from Anglian Water, who discusses employee advocacy and the great work that Anglian Water have been doing during the pandemic as key workers.

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