Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation | S4 E17

First published: 15 August, 2023

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 4
Engaging Internal Comms Series 4
Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation | S4 E17

Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation

In this episode, we explore diversity and inclusion from a human perspective, moving beyond the tick box exercise it’s sometimes treated as. My guest, Jen O’Brien, a specialist in inclusion, diversity, and representation, shares her insights on creating inclusive working environments. Here is a flavour of what we cover:

  1. The Challenges of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Jen and I discuss the common pitfalls organisations face when implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives. We delve into the need for a deeper, more personalised approach, and the importance of avoiding superficial efforts.
  2. The Power of Inclusive Language: We emphasise the importance of inclusive language and communication within organisations. It’s not about political correctness, but about recognising the need for inclusivity.
  3. The Role of Chief Diversity Officer (CDO): Jen discusses the role of CDOs and the importance of integrating these roles into the company’s structure. She highlights the need for diverse perspectives to avoid groupthink and siloed thinking.
  4. The Responsibility of Every Leader: I share my experience in health and safety and draw parallels to the challenges of diversity and inclusion. We discuss the importance of every manager and leader taking responsibility for diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Employee Experience Conference: As mentioned in the show, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending the upcoming “Unite” Employee Experience Conference in London on September 13th and 14th 2023. Guests will be rubbing shoulders with comms professionals from high-profile organisations. Stay tuned for future episodes where I’ll share my learnings from (and hopefully interviews with) these inspiring people. And guess what? I have a 25% discount code for you if you’re interested in attending! Register and use the code “craigs” in the promo code box for 25% discount on all tickets.

I hope this episode sparks your curiosity and encourages you to join us in our journey to create more human and inclusive organisations. Remember, change starts with us.

Guest profile

Jen O’Ryan is a consulting editor specialising in Inclusion, Diversity, and Representation. After an extensive career of instigating change at Fortune 100 companies and a few small-but-mighty startups, Jen created Double Tall Consulting. This new company would fill a gap faced by many organisations – how to get their Inclusion and Diversity initiatives from “good intentions” to effective, measurable, meaningful results. Jen now works with business leaders, product owners, and writers who want their messages across a broader audience. Organisations bring Jen in to design content, culture, and processes that are more inclusive.

Useful links

Link to a relevant episode of the podcast: https://thebigpicturepeople.co.uk/blog/podcast/inclusive-cultures-and-internal-comms-s3-e20/

Jen’s links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenoryan/

Website: https://www.pagingdrjen.com/about-me

Unite Conference

Once again, the link to the Unite Conference on 13/14 September 2023 that I mentioned in this show is https://www.unily.com/unite – use the code “craigs” to get a 25% discount on all ticket types!

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