Internal comms and high performance | S4 E22

First published: 10 October, 2023

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 4
Internal comms and high performance | S4 E22

Internal comms and high performance

I’m thrilled to share with you the latest episode of our podcast, where we dive into the high-octane world of Formula One and explore the crucial role of internal communications in this high-performance environment.

Our guest is none other than Nicole Bearne, former Head of Internal Communications at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Nicole shares her fascinating journey from being a fan to becoming a key player in the team’s success.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

  1. The Evolution of Formula One Teams: Nicole witnessed the transformation of Formula One teams from smaller, less sophisticated organisations to larger, more professional and business-oriented entities.
  2. The Power of a Shared Vision: At Mercedes, a statement of intent was established at the beginning of each year, which guided the internal communications throughout the season. This shared vision was crucial in ensuring every team member understood their role in contributing to the overall success.
  3. The Importance of Alumni Networks: Nicole and I discussed the value of maintaining connections with former employees. Treating alumni as part of the organisation’s extended network can bring potential benefits and foster a sense of community.
  4. Creating Positive Employee Experiences: Nicole emphasises that effective internal communication is key in creating a positive journey for employees, from recruitment to offboarding. This includes managing key moments such as challenges, changes, promotions, and parental leave.
  5. The Role of Internal Communications in Employee Engagement: Clear and engaging communication not only improves performance management but also enhances employee engagement and empowerment.

Nicole’s insights are a testament to the power of effective internal communications in building happy, high-performing teams. I encourage you to listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these topics.

Remember, we’re always looking for interesting guests to join us on the show. If you or someone you know would be a great fit, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Guest profile

Nicole Bearne is Member of Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Institute of Internal Communication and is an Accredited PR Practitioner. Nicole is also the former Head of Internal Communications at Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. With responsibility for internal communication, events and company CSR programmes at this World Championship winning team, Nicole has experience of internal comms in a high-performance industry.

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Nicole’s website: https://comms-exchange.com

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