Understanding employee motivations | S4 E26

First published: 5 December, 2023

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 4
Engaging Internal Comms Series 4
Understanding employee motivations | S4 E26

Understanding employee motivations

In this episode, I had an enlightening conversation with Casey Wahl, the CEO of Attuned. We delved into the fascinating world of understanding employee motivations and, in particular, intrinsic motivation and its impact on the workplace.

  1. The Power of Intrinsic Motivation: We discussed how intrinsic motivation, the drive that comes from within, is often overlooked in favor of external rewards like bonuses and promotions. However, in today’s knowledge economy, intrinsic motivation is a game-changer, fueling creativity, energy, and psychological safety in the workplace.
  2. Measuring Intrinsic Motivation: Casey introduced us to Attuned’s innovative approach to measuring intrinsic motivation. Their unique software provides a comprehensive report identifying 11 different intrinsic motivations, helping individuals and teams understand what truly drives them.
  3. Intrinsic Motivation and Team Dynamics: We explored how understanding and acknowledging individual intrinsic motivations can build trust, minimise friction, and foster psychological safety within teams. This understanding can lead to more productive relationships and shape effective communication strategies.
  4. The Role of AI: Casey shared his vision of how AI can enhance human capabilities and interpersonal relationships. He believes that AI, when trained with quality data, can provide valuable insights and guidance on how to interact with others, extending our capacity for meaningful relationships.
  5. The Future of Work: We concluded with a discussion on the future of work, emphasising the need to prioritise intrinsic motivation and the potential of AI in revolutionising various industries.

I encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode to dive deeper into these topics. I guarantee it will provide you with a fresh perspective on motivation and the future of work.

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Guest profile

Casey Wahl is Chief Executive Officer at Attuned. Attuned helps companies build happier and more productive workplaces through science-backed data and AI, uncovering deep and actionable insights on what their employees need to be more engaged and fulfilled at work.

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LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/casey-wahl/

Website: https://www.attuned.ai/product

Here’s a link to Casey’s White Paper on Intrinsic Motivation: https://www.attuned.ai/whitepaper-intrinsic-motivation-download

Casey’s State of Motivation Report that shares the motivational shifts we see in the big data: https://www.attuned.ai/whitepaper-state-of-motivation-2023-download

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