Workplace culture | S5 E1

First published: 2 January, 2024

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 5
Engaging Internal Comms Series 5
Workplace culture | S5 E1

Workplace culture

Our interview for this episode is with Eric Stone, the author of “Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture” and founder of ClearPath Ventures. Eric’s journey began at Enterprise Holdings, where he developed a passion for organisational culture. His love for business, coupled with his parents’ influence, sparked his interest in this field.

Eric’s experience in creating a high-performance culture within his team at Enterprise led him to believe that he could contribute significantly to the topic of culture. His goal? To unlock people’s potential and bring happiness to the workplace. His book serves as a practical roadmap, using a metaphorical road trip to guide readers through the process of creating a strong culture.

The Power of Group Leadership Teams

Eric emphasises the importance of group leadership teams in high-performing organisations. He shares his experience with his own group, the “think tank,” where individuals were selected by their peers to strategically lead the company. This group would meet regularly to discuss strategy, solutions, and future considerations. Eric believes in the power of diverse perspectives and encourages open dialogue and polite disagreement to prepare for unexpected challenges.

The Five Factors of Engagement

According to Eric, the five factors of engagement are crucial for organisational success. These factors, based on Gallup studies, include developing a strong relationship with managers, clear communication of expectations and goals, providing the right materials and equipment for success, personal and professional growth, and recognition of top performance.

The Hourglass Approach to Building a High-Performance Culture

Eric introduces his unique hourglass approach to building a high-performance culture. The top part of the hourglass represents the discovery area, where information is gathered from various sources. As opportunities and blueprints are defined, the hourglass narrows, symbolising clarity. The information is then disseminated through training, reviews, reinforcement, and meetings. The bottom part of the hourglass represents the assessment period, where the information is evaluated. Eric emphasises that building a high-performance culture is a collective effort, with leaders framing and synthesising the message.

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Buy the book: https://bit.ly/ericstone1

Guest profile

Eric Stone’s passion for business led him to an influential twenty-six-year career at the iconic rental car company Enterprise Holdings, where he quickly became one of the most decorated Regional Vice Presidents in the company’s history. Eric retired from Enterprise in 2018 and founded Clear Path Ventures, which specialises in guiding young professionals and businesses as they navigate their path to success. Eric has served on the boards of multiple community-focused non-profits, which focus on providing strategies and resources to close the opportunity gap for marginalised groups.

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Connect with Eric Stone

Eric has kindly suggested including his LinkedIn profile and Instagram handle in the show notes. He also offers coaching and speaking opportunities available on the ClearPath Ventures website. I’d like to express my appreciation for having Eric on the show and wish him success with his future endeavours.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-stone-clear-path/

YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/@ericdstone1/about

Landing page is https://www.ericdstone.com/

Instagram clearpathventures

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