Engaging a diverse workforce around a new food hygiene strategy using a Big Picture approach

Allied Bakeries logo safety first vision case study

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Hygiene strategy
Sector: Food manufacturing
Lead contact: Operations Director
Employees in the picture: 12,000 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 5 months

“The Site Standards Big Picture shows our manufacturing process and provides the context of why Site Standards matter. It has helped our teams understand our Site Standards in relation to food safety, legality and quality and the important role we all play in helping to deliver them.”

Operations Director

Our client’s challenge

Allied Bakeries (AB) make grocery brands such as Kingsmill, Burgen, Allinson and Sunblest. They make white, wholemeal and seeded breads, rolls, pancakes, crumpets, muffins, hot cross buns, wraps and other bakery products. AB is a part of Associated British Foods (ABF) plc. ABF is a major international business with a turnover of £12.3bn and close to 130,000 employees working in 50 countries. Executing against their extremely high food hygiene strategy is essential for the business.

AB want their products to be enjoyed by consumers in the knowledge that they are eating a safe product manufactured to high standards. They want to ensure that their customers have confidence that they supply them with products that are safe, legal and to the agreed quality.

AB wanted to ensure their employees understand and execute against their Site Standards Strategy and appreciate how their actions have a direct impact not only on their business, but also on their customers and consumers.

Our solution and results

The Big Picture People worked with the AB Operations Team to develop the narrative behind the story they wanted to tell to their employees. This story took employees through the AB Site Standards in relation to their food hygiene strategy, food safety, legality and quality.

We created a Big Picture and set of support materials for line managers to use with their teams to explore this narrative and their role in delivering the standards. The full set of materials included interactive elements such as games, quizzes and discussion points to allow the employees to fully engage with the messages and to come to powerful conclusions about the importance of their role and behaviours.

The “Site Standards Big Picture” was rolled out across all AB operational sites in the UK. Sites reported high levels of engagement. Operational teams took the opportunity to build on the core messages from the learning map to create ongoing hooks for communicating Site Standards initiatives and KPIs to front-line teams. All new employees now go through the Site Standards Big Picture as part of their induction.

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