Leading fast-food chain delivers new company values to employees through innovative means

MacDonalds logo engaging staff with company values and behaviours case study

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Sharing context for new company values
Sector: Restaurants
Lead contact: Instructional Design Consultant
Employees in the picture: 200,000 people
Locations: Worldwide
Lead time to launch day: 12 weeks

“The Big Picture approach is something we are familiar with having used it before to share complex messages. The Big Picture created for us has simplified complex messages, making them easier to understand and engage with across a diverse workforce.”

Instructional Design Consultant

Our client’s challenge

With more than 200,000 staff worldwide, McDonald’s is one of the most recognisable food brands. Its mix of company-owned and franchise operated restaurants has been a key part of its success since the organisation was founded in 1955.

Before it started working with The Big Picture People, McDonald’s had recently launched a new set of values which was set to shape both its operations and behaviours for the years to come. Its business model meant sharing these could be challenging, as the company looked to harmonise understanding and application of these new beliefs across a diverse audience.

McDonald’s approached The Big Picture People seeking an innovative way to get employees on board with these messages. Its people needed to be able to understand what this meant for them which meant they needed to be delivered in an engaging atmosphere that encouraged ownership, participation and involvement.​

Our solution and results

A tool which helped employees gain a sense of ownership and harmonised the terminology of these new corporate values was needed. This came in the form of one of our bespoke Big Pictures.

This illustration contained no text and was used to show the new direction the company was heading in. It displayed all aspects of the business, from its restaurants to its supply chain to its company university. The Big Picture People created the tool to be used by internal facilitators to deliver employee communication sessions, highlighting how the new values would link to achieving the organisation’s new direction.

The rollout of this was highly successful, with employees showing a willingness to engage with these new beliefs and a better understanding of what the future looked like for McDonald’s. The product produced by The Big Picture People was consistent and scalable across the organisation and is now being rolled out globally.

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