Oil and Gas client inducts employees and contractors into major safety project

Madina Group Safety Culture communication case study

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Health and Safety
Sector: Oil and Gas
Lead contact: Group QHSE Manager
Employees in the picture: 800 employees and 5,000 contractors
Locations: Qatar
Lead time to launch day: 2 months

“First up, let me congratulate you on the completion of TA19 and the role you played in that. To my mind, you exemplify the strong ‘Goal Zero’ [accident reduction] leadership behaviour we look for in our contractor partners. I know just how much of your own time you invested, as well as your Company’s money, in pushing for extra levers beyond the norm. I would like to particularly acknowledge your efforts with the SALAMA Board Game, and I know the folks really enjoyed this. And if they enjoy it, then they learn without even realising it.”

MD and Chairman of Shell Qatar

Our client’s challenge

Madina Group consists of four integrated companies: Madina, Qatar International Safety Centre, Qatar Inspection Services and Severn Glocon (Qatar). Madina’s main business streams include EPC Projects, Fabrication and Construction, Operations, Maintenance Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Support Services.

Madina Group believe that every employee should work in a safe, healthy workplace and return home at the end of the day without suffering any harm. Madina have worked hard to create a culture of safety best practice and awareness. In 2018 Madina introduced a programme to improve its safety culture and safe behaviours by raising employees’ knowledge and awareness of the company’s 18 Life Saving Rules (LSRs). These LSRs address behaviours identified as key to the reduction of serious and life-threatening injuries in the industry. Previous attempts to engage the workforce in the LSRs had proven unsuccessful.

Changing Madina’s safety culture was key to a successful multi-million-dollar engineering maintenance project (known as TA-19) being safely delivered for their client (Shell Qatar) without harm to employees. The TA-19 shutdown was scheduled for 42 days and to be executed from 14 February to 28 March 2019 in two 12-hour shifts per day. Madina wanted a solution to successfully induct their own employees and contract staff into the requirements of this project. TA-19 included a wide range of high-risk tasks.

Our solution and results

The Big Picture People worked with safety and other technical experts within Madina to develop a bespoke product called “The Safety Game” (The game was internally branded “SALAMA” which is Arabic for safety).

SALAMA is a game played between two teams, each made up of 4-6 employees. The objective for each team is to earn more points than the other by demonstrating their safety awareness and application of safety rules to real-life working situations. SALAMA engages employees in meaningful discussions about the direction and application of Madina’s safety culture. By visualising core messages, the organisational landscape, key challenges and opportunities and bringing it all to life with narrative and dialogue, SALAMA emphasises the safety behaviours that Madina expects from its employees.

The game also included mini-games such as a video round and exercises to match hazards with safe behaviours that prevent injuries all with the intention of reinforcing safety messages. These sub-games earn points for each team and maintain the tempo, energy and engagement throughout the session.

A total of 1,204,583 worker-hours exposure was to be recorded throughout the TA-19 project including the preparation stage without any safety incidents.

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