Safety First vision brought to life for 30,000 front-line employees through interactive board game

Allied Bakeries logo safety first vision case study

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Behavioural safety
Sector: Food manufacturing
Lead contact: National H&S Manager
Employees in the picture: 36,000 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 4 months

“To continue a ‘Low Accident Culture’ we all need to take positive ownership of health and safety and take steps towards further improvement. The Safety Game® has been a great way of involving and engaging everyone”

National Health and Safety Manager

Our client’s challenge

Safety First is a major initiative at Allied Milling and Baking (AM&B). In order to continue to support the development of a safety culture, AM&B wanted to:

  • Enable a consistent communication cascade of the AM&B Health & Safety vision across the business to build alignment, engagement, ownership and advocacy.
  • Provide a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and communication within and between teams with respect to consistent delivery of the Safety First strategy in the workplace … a common language.
  • Support the development of an ‘interdependent’ Health & Safety culture where teams and individuals are thoughtful about the consequences of their actions and the choices they make and are comfortable in challenging unsafe behaviours and practices.
  • Clearly understand why Health & Safety is important to me personally and why employees should support and engage others around it (need to build emotional ownership).
  • Stimulate a call to action … enable people to be clear and specific about what they can do day-to-day in role to help make Allied Milling & Baking a safer place to work … both individually and as part of the wider Allied team. Identify the ‘rules of the road’ that we are going to agree to and what they’re going to hold each other accountable to.

Our solution and results

​The Big Picture People developed a bespoke version of “The Safety Game®“. This was in the form of a classic board game, played in teams of front-line employees and facilitated by their line manager (who was trained by The Big Picture People to facilitate the game).

Each team’s objective was to collect “Safety First” points by demonstrating safety knowledge and skills when avoiding the pitfalls of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. Everyone has the opportunity to share how they feel about health and safety in their workplace and the impact it has on their roles. At the end of the game, teams are asked to make a pledge to take at least two actions towards making the company’s Safety First vision and mission a reality.

The Safety Game® helps bring to life the importance of ‘Safety First’ and the underpinning safe behaviours. It also provides an understanding of the ‘care for self’ and ‘care for others’ Safety First vision.

Accidents have reduced significantly at AB&M over recent years and improvements have been made in workplace standards and procedures and The Safety Game® has helped health and safety became a regular, everyday work ethic.

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