SME uses animated video to explain new services and products

Hand drawn explainer videos are also extremely effective at communicating your messages when used alongside text.

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Explaining new products & services
Sector: Leadership development and recruitment
Lead contact: Business owner
Employees in the picture: 10 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 4 weeks

“We wanted to find a way to communicate the value proposition of one of our key leadership programmes to prospective clients and delegates. Our audiences are time poor and have limited attention spans. We approached The Big Picture People to create a short, attention-grabbing, but informative solution for this problem. They created a hand drawn ‘explainer’ video that we are now using to successfully recruit clients. Since starting to use the video, enquiries and enrolments to the programme have both increased. We found The Big Picture People highly professional and would definitely work with them again. Their end product and service was excellent.” Business Owner

Our client’s challenge

The Experience Bank Group will play a key role in supporting as many North East based SMEs and charities as possible to achieve sustainable growth, create more jobs, and generate maximum economic wealth and social prosperity for the region.

The Experience Bank Key Manager Peer Group Programme is a new product/service developed by the business. Based on the proven principles of Action Learning and learning from peers, the programme brings managers together with like-minded business leaders and managers. Managers find solutions to common challenges, and explore ideas and approaches that they may never have considered but are proven to work in other businesses.

The Experience Bank Group wanted to communicate this new offering in a concise, engaging and clear way. They had seen “explainer videos” produced for this purpose and asked The Big Picture People if they could develop one for The Experience Bank Key Manager Peer Group Programme. They were particularly interested in a hand drawn style of explainer video.

Our solution and results

We worked with The Experience Bank Group to develop a hand drawn explainer video they could use for promoting the programme to prospective clients. We used our simple but effective process for developing the hand drawn explainer video. The three-step process is designed to deliver results quickly and effectively. The process we used for this project were as follows:

  1. Clarify the story as a script – We worked with the client to establish their communication objectives and the specific points they wanted the video to include. At this stage it was important to ensure that we balanced the detail the client was looking to include in the video with the overall length of the final edit. From our experience, we know that a good explainer video is comprehensive but short enough to maintain the attention and engagement of the viewer.
  2. Create a visual story board for approval – Once we’d clarified the script, we worked with the client to create a visual story board that would represent the illustrative style of the video and type of imagery the client wanted to include. Initially as a series of illustrated frames, then following on with the actual animations themselves, we wanted to ensure that they were happy with the video as it progressed.
  3. Animate and add narration to the video – Once signed-off, we then pulled together the animated frames into a complete animation. At the same time we added a professional narrated voice-over with a style of voice that the client had chosen from our range of artists. Finally, we sent the client a copy of the final video for approval prior to providing it in the video format they required for sharing/hosting.

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