Craig Smith

Internal communications and employee engagement expert

Craig Smith is a specialist in change management, communications and employee engagement and has been helping some of the world’s most recognised organisations transform their communications. As Owner and Lead Consultant of The Big Picture People, Craig has helped these large companies harness the power of visual communication to allow their employees better understand its vision, values and purpose while reaching their full potential.

Calor, PepsiCo, EY and Howden are just some of the companies who have reached out to Craig to use The Big Picture People’s unique and bespoke visual communication tools to help manage their change. Disney, Rolls-Royce and PepsiCo have also reached out for Craig’s expertise through his second business Flint Spark Consulting, to help better engage their employees through his pragmatic and down to earth approach.

Over the years Craig has built up substantial knowledge of the most effective methods for employee engagement and internal communications, and now he is sharing this to listeners of the Engaging Internal Comms Podcast. Featuring thought leaders, communication experts and academics, Craig’s podcast brings bi-weekly insights and ideas for employee engagers on a range of topics from communicating change to the employee experience. Currently on its third season, the Engaging Internal Comms Podcast has built up a dedicated listenership since launching in 2020.

Craig’s work in this sector has not gone unnoticed, having been recognised for his work with The Big Picture People through awards from the Institute of Internal Communications, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Employee Engagement Awards and the Sunday Times Top 100 Awards. He has also put this knowledge to paper through a number of published pieces of work, such as The Bee Book with Paul Rigby.

Craig is also a frequent speaker, often relaying his extensive knowledge and experience of internal communications to large audiences at conferences and events. He also repeatedly hosts webinars and other online live events where he interviews industry experts and other thought leaders. An example of one of Craig’s keynote speeches is below, where he explains the Big Picture approach to learning and development:

Some of Craig’s successes

Host of the Engaging Internal Comms Podcast which now has over 100 episodes on internal communications and employee engagement.

Helping some of the worlds most recognised organisations revolutionise their communications with since 1999 with The Big Picture People.

Co-authour of The Bee Book: A Tale of Leadership and Change

Founder and lead consultant at Flint Spark Consulting, helping organisations move forward by getting the best from their people.

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What can Craig talk about?

Five topics Craig can discuss
  1. Upscaling your organisation’s internal communications through visual methods
  2. Improving employee engagement through gamification
  3. Showing leaders how they can walk the walk
  4. Implementing a strong culture in an organisation through vison and values
  5. How to have the difficult conversations with employees
  6. How gamification can bring better engagement levels for all types of training, including Health and Safety
Five questions Craig can answer
  1. How can you emotionally connect employees to an organisation’s purpose?
  2. What are the best methods for improving employee engagement?
  3. Can an organisational change effort be fun and engaging while also having the desired effect?
  4. Why are visual communication methods the most impactful?
  5. What are the ramifications when employees fail to see an organisation’s ‘Big Picture’?

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If you would like to chat further about featuring Craig as a guest on your podcast, please email info@thebigpicturepeople.co.uk. Alternatively, you can book a call direct with Craig using the button below.