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Our free webinars, events and workshops share our best ideas and show you how to put your people in the picture, create lightbulb moments and drive lasting change for your organisation.

We run a regular schedule of free webinars, events and workshops. As specialists in employee engagement and internal communication, we believe in the importance of sharing ideas and experience for the benefit of others.

The creative and interactive webinars and events we run are for internal communication and employee engagement specialists, while others are aimed at those who work in specific sectors like Health and Safety.

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Helping employees understand your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’

Most business leaders have trouble explaining their organisation’s mission, vision and values to their employees. These leaders are usually too close to the detail and the story is too complex to articulate. But when leaders do share this ‘Big Picture’, employees engage, feel more connected to the organisation and its customers and deliver better results.

In this practical and informative session we’ll show you how leaders can use a few simple but powerful techniques to communicate complex messages in an engaging and sustainable way.

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16 June 2022
15:00 GMT

Transforming Health & Safety Communication and Training

Transform the way you engage your employees in your health and safety culture. Find out how you can make health and safety training and communications something that employees actively and enthusiastically participate in. Win “hearts and minds” by developing a health and safety culture that shifts from “compliance” to “conviction”.

In this practical and informative session we’ll show you how you can add a new dimension to health and safety education and communication, helping you to raise awareness of health and safety within your organisation and supporting the development of a behavioural based safety culture.

This free webinar is on 16th June 2022, at 15:00 GMT