Bespoke communication products

All Big Picture products are based around a large, visually rich, ‘big picture’ explored by small groups or teams of 5-12 people both online or in person. This big picture shows information and concepts in a targeted, stimulating and challenging way and helps employees to visualise new concepts and processes.

Our most popular Big Picture products typically come in the following formats

Many of these can be combined to create hybrid products.

Learning Maps
Big Picture Learning Maps are large visually-rich images that capture specific business issues and messages in a focused, stimulating and challenging way. Big Picture Learning Maps come with a wide range of support tools and exercises that combine together to engage employees in a strategically directed dialogue providing consistency in the delivery of core messages.

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Interactive Board Games
Big Picture People Interactive Board Games are a unique and innovative solution for communicating your organisation’s complex messages. Utilising gamification techniques, they provide a powerful, impactful and engaging way to immerse employees in strategic narrative and organisational learning.

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Big Pictures
Big Pictures are a visual depiction of a complex organisational message that allow employees to see how different elements link together. Big Pictures are stand-alone products that are designed to be shared with employees without the support materials provided with a Big Picture Learning Map.

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The Safety Game®
The Safety Game® is an interactive learning experience based around a traditional board game, helping you to raise awareness of health and safety within your organisation, supporting the development of a behavioural based safety culture.

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Discovery Map® Workshop
If your people see how your vision, values, purpose, and strategy make up your Big Picture, they would be more engaged to contribute towards it. You are a busy senior leader within a fast-moving organisation. Your organisation operates in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world which necessitates a lot of change.

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Advanced Facilitator Workshop
You’ve spent time developing your facilitators to deliver your Big Picture product, now it’s time to keep up the momentum. Having spent time developing your facilitators to deliver your Big Picture product, you realise that you’ve unearthed some great talent and would like to develop them further to help you drive and communicate change in your business using a ‘Big Picture’ approach.

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Hand Drawn Explainer Videos
Many business leaders have trouble explaining their organisation’s mission, vision, and values to their employees. These leaders are usually too close to the detail and the story is too complex to articulate. But when leaders do share this ‘Big Picture’, employees engage, feel more connected to the organisation and its customers, and deliver better results.

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Our visual communication products provide a stimulus for group interaction and discussion. They support the exploration of key learning points in an open conversation where ideas can be shared. All Big Picture products are bespoke to your organisation and are planned and designed to deliver your specific communications objectives. Designed and created in line with your brand guidelines, Big Picture products provide effective solutions to a wide range of client needs and communication challenges.

Our Learning Map and Interactive Board Game products come with a range of facilitated exercises and discussion tools that are used to promote employee engagement and learning. These materials, combined with the big picture, form a self-contained toolkit designed to be used and reused over and over again. These toolkits are supplied in a carry bag for ease of transportation. Alternatively, our products can be catered for online and remote employees. A bespoke, digital version of these products can be produced in a range of different languages to engage employees in international organisations.

A key feature of our products is that they are designed and produced to be implemented using your own internal facilitators, who will be trained by The Big Picture People. Our clients have found the process of developing and utilising internal facilitators has ‘unearthed’ hidden talent within their organisation and provided a valuable internal resource for facilitating other communication and engagement processes in the future. All internal facilitators trained by The Big Picture People receive a CPD Certificate and digital ‘badge’ to show they have met our standards.

Our Pulse Check Diagnostic assessment tool can help reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s internal communications and if it would benefit from on of our Big Picture Products.

The short assessment allows you to rank your organisation against a number of key statements around your communications, providing you with actionable feedback on what you are doing well and where you can improve. The free survey takes around 20 minutes to complete and explains how you can begin to align your employees with your organisation’s vision and purpose.

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