Hand drawn explainer videos

Whether you’re trying to explain your mission, your vision, your values or your strategy to your employees, a hand drawn explainer video does it all in a fun and hugely effective way.

Many business leaders have trouble explaining their organisation’s mission, vision, and values to their employees. These leaders are usually too close to the detail and the story is too complex to articulate. But when leaders do share this ‘Big Picture’, employees engage, feel more connected to the organisation and its customers, and deliver better results.

Animations are a flexible and creative solution to this problem. Animated whiteboard videos and hand drawn explainer videos are engaging, entertaining, and educational. They are also faster, easier, and cheaper to create than live videos because they require no actors, lighting, or cameras.

Hand drawn explainer videos are also extremely effective at communicating your messages when used alongside text. It allows people to recognise the key messages quicker, while giving the written and spoken word more depth, meaning and longevity when used in tandem.

What is a hand drawn explainer video?

It’s an animation usually displayed on a white background. The storyline is illustrated with a continuous drawing, in which the screen is quickly filled in with hand-drawn figures and characters that lead viewers through a well-written script. An example of one we created for a client can been seen above.

Our process

It’s important to work with a partner who has a simple but effective process for developing your hand drawn explainer video. Our three-step process will deliver your results quickly and effectively:

  1. Clarify your story as a script – We work with you to establish your communication objectives and the specific points you want your video to include. At this stage it is important to ensure that we balance the detail you are looking to go into with your video with the overall length of the final edit. A good explainer video is comprehensive but short enough to maintain the attention and engagement of the viewer.
  2. Create a visual story board for your approval – Once we’ve clarified your script, we will work with you to create a visual story board that will represent the illustrative style of your video and type of imagery you want to include. Initially as a series of illustrated frames, then following on with the actual animations themselves, we will ensure that you are happy with the video as it progresses.
  3. Animate and add narration to your video – Once signed-off, we will pull together the animated frames into a complete animation. At the same time we will add a professional narrated voice-over with a style of voice that you have chosen from our range of artists. Finally, we will send you a copy of the final video for approval prior to providing the video to you in whatever video format you require for sharing/hosting.

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