The Safety Game®

What is The Safety Game®?

The Safety Game® is an interactive learning experience based around a traditional board game, designed to reinforce safe working procedures and behaviours, played between two teams, each made up of 3-5 employees. The Safety Game® adds a new dimension to health and safety education and communication, helping you to raise awareness of health and safety within your organisation, supporting the development of a behavioural based safety culture. The Safety Game® has already been utilised by leading global organisations such as Allied Bakeries, Calor Gas, Reckitt Benckiser, Billfinger, Howden, SHV Energy and Tesco to drive their health and safety cultures and behavioural safety programmes.

The Safety Game® is bespoke to each organisation in terms of branding, specific learning content and workplace health and safety messages. However, it is also built around our tried and tested game mechanic. Participants divide into teams and compete to win points and complete challenges linked to the learning objectives. These challenges include strategically directed dialogue that consolidates key learning points and reinforces core messages. The content can include a mix of written, video or other media. The game board itself focuses on the provision of a bespoke large illustration that captures the client’s own health and safety messages in a focused, stimulating and challenging way.

What can The Safety Game® be used for?

The Safety Game® is a versatile toolkit that has been adapted to support a wide range of organisational contexts and needs. The most popular applications include:

  • Health and safety compliance training.
  • Launching new health and safety policies and procedures across an organisation.
  • Embedding “Life Saving Rules” or “Life Saving Bahaviours”.
  • Inducting new employees into the organisation’s health and safety policies and procedures.
  • Reinforcing the importance of safe working procedures and behaviours.
  • Introducing a Behavioural Safety programme.
  • Reiterating the company’s commitment to providing safe working procedures and the employees’ obligations to comply with them.

How does The Safety Game® differ from traditional health and safety training?

Any trainers or managers who have ever delivered classroom, compliance-based health and safety training may have experienced a lack of enthusiasm, regardless of how interesting they’ve tried to make it.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. It is possible to transform health and safety training and communications into something that employees actively and enthusiastically participate in.

The Safety Game® offers a very different feel compared to traditional health and safety training or communications sessions. The game mechanic is used to engage employees in a way that maintains interest, builds engagement and creates a meaningful and high-impact learning experience. It offers an innovative, unorthodox, and fun approach that brings out employees’ competitive spirit whilst reinforcing important messages.

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The Safety Game® differs from traditional classroom based training in the following ways:

It is designed to be engaging, fun and interactive

It is relevant to employees and answers “what’s in it for me?” questions

It answers the “why” question and that goes beyond saying “because we have to”

It is consistent with a hearts and minds approach to health and safety rather than a compliance approach

What are the differences between The Safety Game®: Classic and The Safety Game®: Online?

The Safety Game® can be delivered in two formats:

The Safety Game®: Classic – This is a traditional board game format with physical components, all in a self-contained bag with support materials for the facilitator and participants. As with all Big Picture products, the kit is designed to be reusable and is made from hard-wearing and durable components.

The game board itself is 1.4m x 1m and is designed to fill the whole table which 8-10 employees sit around. The game board includes bespoke illustrations that capture core messages in a focused, stimulating and challenging way. With over-sized components, game cards and accessories, The Safety Game®: Classic provides a tactile and engaging experience for all who take part.

The Safety Game®: Online – To complement The Safety Game®: Classic, and in response to the challenges of social distancing caused during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed The Safety Game®: Online. This is an adaptation of the physical version of the game that can be played via video conferencing.

Like the Classic version, The Safety Game®: Online is a facilitated experience that utilises all of the elements that make the physical game so engaging and fun such as activities, competition, discussion, reflection and group work. The Safety Game®: Online can be played with teams of individuals in separate locations or in socially distanced teams in the same room playing against another team remotely in different rooms or at different sites.

Who leads a session using The Safety Game®?

Although the teams lead themselves through the process as they play the game, they are supported and guided by a trained facilitator (who is one of the client’s own employees trained by The Big Picture People). The facilitator’s role is to ensure the rules of the game are followed but also to ensure that there is a balance between meaningful learning and fun/engagement.

Facilitators of “The Safety Game®: Online” have access to our secure portal and can record the names and other details of the players who take part in their session in order to provide training records. The players themselves have access to our interactive App via their own web-enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet while they play the game. The App is used to enhance interaction and the game-play experience during the session.

In addition to the comprehensive facilitator guide provided with the physical game, “The Safety Game®: Online” comes with its own facilitator guide to complement the training we provide to facilitators to help them to feel confident using both versions.

Facilitating the Safety Game

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