A variety of internal communication tools and resources to help you share your organisations big picture.  

Popular internal communication tools and resources

You’re a busy professional with limited time to research and find tools to help you to develop and communicate your organisation’s Big Picture. However, you’re looking for ideas to stimulate your thinking and to get your team involved in your organisation’s change journey. Because of this, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite resources that you can use to shape your thinking, develop your organisation’s culture and assess where you can improve. These are some of the tools we use with our clients to help their employees to see the Big Picture.

The Pulse Check Diagnostic

Showing your employees your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’ is vital to keeping them motivated, happy and productive, but it is often difficult to assess how connected they really are to this. The Pulse Check provides a snapshot view of this in the form of a short questionnaire, displaying what you are doing well and where there is room for improvement.

Bringing meaning to work

Why do people work for your team? Have you ever taken time to think about what your people want from their work rather than just being paid? Being able to answer these questions means that you can evaluate how well we are living up to these expectations.

Determining your individual or organisational values

If you or your organisation do not have any recorded values, this does not mean your values do not exist… it just means you haven’t taken time to identify them. Recording your values so you can communicate them to stakeholders is an important way to develop aligned and consistent behaviours.

Assessing your values

Organisational values are not just nice words to be put on paper. They need to be working for you to drive improved consistency and alignment.

If your values are relevant, they will influence decision-making and behaviours in your organisation.

Using stories to illustrate values

Values need to come to life and help people see how they fit within the organisation. Sharing stories is a great way to help people understand how they embody your values.

Download your copy of our “Using stories to illustrate values” team exercise tool. It’s a high energy, engaging activity and demonstrates how effective storytelling can be in an organisation.

How to better live your values resource

How to better live your values

Our values only make a difference if we use them to guide our decision-making. Reflecting on how well we live the values is an important alignment task for a team.

Our “How to better live your values” resource helps you to explore how well you live your values and to identify examples of how you can live them better. This means you and your team can be more consistent and aligned in the way you use and discuss your values.

The Big Picture People’s Connections Framework

Helping your employees to connect to the answer to these questions and see the ‘Big Picture’ is vital. Employees who can see where they fit in are happier, more productive and more loyal to your organisation and the people it serves.

How to better live your values resource

Communications Strategy

How do you plan a better, more effective communications strategy in the face of a massive information overload and a cynical audience? The best way to do that is to break down your strategy into four parts: Why? What? When? How? Use this resource to structure your thinking.

We are adding new tools to our Resources page but if you are looking for something in an area we have not covered, why not arrange a free 30-minute consultation with us and we can talk through your requirements with you.