Employee onboarding

The way organisations induct and onboard new employees has a significant impact on how they will perform and how engaged they will be in the long-term.

However, employee induction is usually a download of information via multiple slideshows. New hires are bombarded with facts and figures about the organisation… where it operates, its products/services, its organisational structure etc. Those who lead the employee onboarding process sometimes struggle to link this information to the organisation’s ‘big picture’ and may neglect to communicate the context within which the organisation operates. The result is that new hires feel overwhelmed, confused and it takes them longer to integrate into the organisation.

Our bespoke Big Picture products are designed to ensure new starters fully understand their new organisation and its place in the world. These visual communication products share an overview of the history, vision, strategies, values and expectations of the organisation in a compact, visual and highly engaging way.

This visual depiction is brought to life with a facilitated group discussion between inductees. By communicating the role that new employees will play and how they will contribute to the story, employees will rapidly feel a greater sense of belonging than if they were taken through a traditional induction process.

Listen to Nicola Black from Mercer explaining to CIPD interviewer Philippa Lamb how The Big Picture People worked with Mercer to reinvigorate their staff induction and onboarding process with a Learning Map.