Pulling together the wide variety of projects, initiatives, goals and activities that make up a company strategy is challenging.

While leaders may have a clear understanding of their strategy and why it is vital to achieving the organisational vision, they also have to align their employees so they can enact it.

Whether the strategy relates to new product development, revised financial processes, a programme to improve quality, a customer service initiative or something else, getting employees at all levels to relate to it is hard. Moreover, encouraging employees to behave in ways that ensure the strategy can be sustainably implemented is vital. Many organisations struggle to join the dots between the vision, the strategies they are implementing and employees daily routines. Communication plays a key role in this process.

Our bespoke Big Picture products provide a visual company strategy map, and an accompanying narrative for organisational strategies. They enable employees to fully understand the new strategy by connecting it to the organisational vision. This enables organisations to consistently and reliably communicate detailed plans and milestones to non-subject matter experts in a way that drives engagement, buy-in and sustainable long-term behaviour change.