Helping employees understand your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’

Helping employees understand your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’

Most business leaders have trouble explaining their organisation’s mission, vision and values to their employees. These leaders are usually too close to the detail and the story is too complex to articulate. But when leaders do share this ‘Big Picture’, employees engage, feel more connected to the organisation and its customers and deliver better results.

In this practical and informative session we’ll show you how leaders can use a few simple but powerful techniques to communicate complex messages in an engaging and sustainable way.

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What is the “Helping employees understand your organisation’s ‘Big Picture'” Webinar about?

In this practical and interactive session, we will explore the following:

  • Why traditional communication methods fail to help employees to see the ‘Big Picture’ and the impact this has on employee engagement
  • Six simple questions you need to answer for your employees to help them to feel more connected and engaged with your organisation’s purpose, vision, strategy and values
  • How visualisation, two-way dialogue and interactivity can uplift your employee’s understanding and buy-in to your Big Picture

To illustrate what can be achieved, we will share practical tools we have used to help our clients gain their employees’ buy-in to their Big Picture and boost engagement.

Who will benefit?

This webinar has been designed to benefit

  • Senior HR Directors, Managers and Leaders
  • Organisational Development Professionals
  • Operational leaders
  • Training/Learning and Development Managers, Directors and Leaders

Who is delivering this webinar?

This session will be facilitated by Craig Smith, an award-winning internal communications, employee engagement and organisational development specialist. His company specialises in visual communication solutions which facilitate effective communication in the workplace.

Our Pulse Check Diagnostic

This webinar will show you some practical tips and tricks you can use to revolutionise your organisation’s communication methods. But before you put this into practice, it is important to identify your organisation’s own communication strengths and weaknesses.

You can gain an insight into this by completing our Pulse Check Diagnostic.

The short survey consists of a number of statements which you can rank your organisation against. The Pulse Check looks at your organisation’s approach to communications and provides a snapshot view of how connected your employees are to your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’, with actionable feedback sent direct to your inbox.

We recommend you complete the survey before attending the webinar and you can find out more by clicking here.


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Note: The webinar is free and we expect to be oversubscribed. Places are limited, so if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.