The Big Picture Advanced Facilitator Workshop

Are you looking for your managers to demonstrate an inclusive approach towards decision-making, problem-solving, and team development?

In an increasingly collaborative work environment, the role of a manager is no longer confined to overseeing operations and giving directives. The modern workplace champions an inclusive approach towards decision-making, problem-solving, and team development. This shift has brought to light the essential need for facilitation skills among managers. Facilitation, in its essence, is about enabling groups to work more effectively together, fostering open dialogue, and guiding teams toward achieving their objectives.

Having spent time developing your facilitators to deliver your Big Picture product, you realise that you’ve unearthed some great talent and would like to develop them further to help you drive and communicate change in your business using a ‘Big Picture’ approach. Even if you’ve not worked with The Big Picture People before, you still recognise that facilitation skills are vital for effective employee engagement.

However, you are not sure what to offer them and you know if you don’t act soon, their skills and motivation may decline and ebb away. You know that if you could equip them with the capabilities to continue to share your Big Picture internally, this would help you to sustain momentum. To address this challenge, and in partnership with Leodo, The Big Picture People have developed The Big Picture Advanced Facilitator Workshop.

Delegates who attend our Advanced Facilitator Workshop learn how to harness the power of visual communication embodied in The Big Picture People’s products and will:

  • Explore the individual and business benefits of effective visual communication.
  • Learn how to turn complex information into an easy-to-understand visual to facilitate decision making, communication and learning.
  • Work on a real piece of visual communication of their own choosing.
  • Increase their confidence in the individuality of their own style of visual communication.
  • Decide how and where they will make practical use of their learning: for example, in disciplining their own thinking, with small groups, large groups – of colleagues, suppliers, other functions, externals etc.
  • Generate a visual templates to use across the organisation for engaging employees.

Workshop format and style:

  • The workshop is designed to be delivered face-to-face over one day.
  • Delegates also benefit from an extensive e-learning pre-work module, a pre-workshop preparation call with the facilitators and a follow-up group coaching call after the workshop.
  • There is a strong emphasis on application with delegates spending time on pre-work and preparation for how they will use their skills within the organisation.
  • A maximum of 6 delegates are enrolled onto each workshop with two facilitators maintaining an optimum facilitator to delegate ratio of 1:3.

Post workshop assets

  • A ‘Facilitator’s Playbook’ providing a recap of the workshop.
  • Delegates will be provided with default visual templates to apply in their own facilitated sessions.

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