Interactive board games

The Big Picture People’s bespoke Interactive Board Games are a highly engaging and effective solution for sharing important messages and facilitating learning.

Our innovative approach utilises gamification to bring to life information, content and complex messages and creates a communication and learning process with which participants fully engage.

Gamification is the application of the traditional elements associated with games (i.e. competition, fun, earning points or rewards, rules to follow, etc.) to areas that do not typically use them. Gamification adds a new dimension to learning and development, employee engagement and internal communication.

Big Picture Interactive Board Games encourage interaction, problem-solving, scenario-based thinking, and effective communication and have been used to support a wide range of clients needs including:

There is a misconception that corporate gamification solutions can only be digital or online. The Big Picture People offers an innovative approach to developing bespoke, physical, Interactive Board Games. The advantages of a physical board is that they facilitate team interaction, group discussion and enable the creation of shared meaning in face-to-face discussions between colleagues. Alternatively for engaging remote and hybrid employees, or for international organisations our online games are a great option . All our game products come with a wide range of support tools and exercises that combine to help engage all employees with strategically directed dialogue that forms the heart of each game’s structure.

As with our Big Picture Learning Maps, another important component of a Big Picture Interactive Board Game is a comprehensive, professionally produced facilitator guide with support notes. Because our approach utilises your own internal facilitators to deliver the game, we provide you with everything needed to engage your groups and put your people in the picture. The Big Picture People train the internal facilitators as part of the process.

Our Big Picture Interactive Board Games can take many different forms such as:

  • A table-sized mat, printed on high quality, hard-wearing vinyl, that can be folded or rolled for transportation
  • A jigsaw puzzle that enables you to progressively reveal your big picture during learning sessions, and is easy to store
  • An online game which can be played multiple times to engage remote and online employees

To find out if your organisation would benefit from an Interactive Board Game, why not try our free Pulse Check Diagnostic tool? Here you will find out your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your communications, with actionable feedback on where you can improve.