IT Services business communicates new values to 600 employees

IT Services business communicates new values to 600 employees using interactive board game at major conference.

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Sharing new values with employees
Sector: IT Services and IT Consulting
Lead contact: Human Resources Director
Employees in the picture: 600 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 10 weeks

“The Game and your session has been so well received. Feedback has been great. Thank you for all your help and support throughout the process. We are just starting to facilitate the game throughout the organisation.” 

Human Resources Director

Our client’s challenge

Smart DCC is responsible for connecting homes and businesses to a single, secure network for digital smart meters. Their network helps protect consumers and enables Britain to make the fullest use of renewable energy. Smart DCC has delivered national, highly secure data communications infrastructure servicing the whole British energy market to enable the roll out of smart meters to homes and small businesses across Great Britain.

Whilst Smart DCC’s mission is clear and consistent and resonates strongly with colleagues, the cultural ambition for the business had not been defined. A set of values and behaviours exist but were put in place a number of years ago and were believed to no longer resonate strongly with colleagues. They were not regularly referred to or truly embedded into processes or ways of working so awareness of these values was low.

In response to this, Smart DCC developed a new set of values and behaviours and wanted to find a way to engage their employees with them and to “operationalise” their use.

Our solution and results

The Big Picture People worked with Smart DCC to create an Interactive Board Game. We spent time to understand Smart DCC’s core narrative and to understand how the values and behaviours would play out in employee’s day-to-day working lives. We used our tried and tested development process to do this.

The game was designed to promote conversations between players and to internalise core messages. The client wanted to launch the game at a major conference where over 100 employees would be in attendance. We trained 12 internal facilitators to lead the game sessions on each table at the conference.

The advantages of an Interactive Board Game is that they facilitate team interaction, group discussion and enable the creation of shared meaning in face-to-face discussions between colleagues. The Smart DCC game was very well received and feedback has been very positive.

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