We’ve helped our clients deliver their objectives

Investing in a learning and development or internal communications initiative is a significant decision. It is vitally important that you deliver your objectives and get a return on your investment that your colleagues and stakeholders will expect.

Putting your people in the picture to drive improved performance

Your credibility as a professional is linked to this success and we will work with you to establish your business success factors at the beginning of your Big Picture project. Throughout the development of your materials, we will reference back to your objectives and then monitor and track delivery of these as the project progresses. 


Here are some key statistics relating to the reach and impact of Big Picture products:

By putting our products to work, our clients have raised their internal communications to a new level. They have won awards, improved staff loyalty and motivation, increased customer satisfaction and made a step-change in business performance.

In addition to tangible business benefits, our development and delivery process offers many other points of added value. Here are just a few that our clients have told us about:

  1. The development process is a great way to involve senior leaders in a strategic dialogue about the importance of internal communications and employee engagement. It helps allow them to see the potential ambiguities and inconsistencies in existing corporate messages.
  2. The process of translating existing communication materials into a Big Picture product has often been described as cathartic by clients. Content and messages that seemed coherent are often shaped to become more accessible to the diverse audiences they are aimed at.
  3. Our process of visualising core messages often highlights contradictions and incongruences in the underlying narrative that we help to resolve. You can listen to an interview with one of our clients explaining this process below.
  4. The roll-out phase of our products helps organisations to realise that getting employees together on future-focussed conversations about the organisation is valuable and is a catalyst for change. Our clients often go on to extend this style of communication to other internal communications initiatives.
  5. The personal growth and development opportunities that arise for employees who act as facilitators of our products also adds significant value to our clients.

Listen to a conversation between Craig Smith of The Big Picture People and Claire Bishop of Tommee Tippee talking about the whole Learning Map System development process.

There are many other value added points that arise from working with us. If you want to find out more, why not arrange a free consultation conversation?

If you still have any questions about The Big Picture People, our approach and the impact it can have, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.