Health and safety

Engaging employees in health and safety is notoriously challenging.

Traditional approaches to workplace health and safety tend to focus on education and training and come at the subject from a perspective of ‘compliance’ rather than ‘conviction’. While this can lead to short-term obedience to rules and procedures, it is not a sustainable strategy for long-term behavioural change.

The Big Picture People’s products provide an innovative alternative to health and safety communication and awareness that challenge these old-fashioned norms. The aim of our bespoke products (such as The Safety Game® and The Safety Game® Online) is to engage all employees in health and safety related issues in a way that is fun, compelling but rooted in the proven adult learning approaches that underpin all of our products. Through the self-discovery of the value and importance of safety procedures, rules and behaviours, our products facilitate the meaningful and long-lasting mindset changes that form the basis of all world class safety cultures. Our health and safety products create an environment where employees are happy to engage with their peers in health and safety related conversations, regardless if they work on-site or remotely.