Implementing change

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, building a sense of urgency for change across our organisations has never been more important.

However, sharing a list of the organisation’s latest change projects is seldom enough to drive urgency.

A sustainable and effective way to communicate change is to help employees to understand why the organisation is changing and what the consequences of standing still would be. Enabling colleagues to see and feel the need for change by connecting them to the rapidly evolving needs of customers, consumers and markets is vital. This is difficult when employees are distributed widely across our organisations and have their own perspectives and opinions.

Using our bespoke change management tools employees experience and interpret the data and information usually only considered by managers and leaders, which enables them to think and act like business owners. They see how the organisational vision and strategies link to this changing context. The conclusions employees come to enable them to make connections that last and facilitate their buy-in to the transformation agenda.

Our bespoke Big Picture products are the answer to the problem of implementing change. Our use of visual communication helps engage employees in a meaningful exploration of the need for organisational change.