Personal reflection resources

Free and affordable personal reflection tools and resources. To be used for personal reflection or as a tool within your regularly scheduled meetings.  

Popular personal reflection tools and resources

Whether you are looking to assess your organisational values, understand what makes your employees come to work or start to create your own organisational Big Picture, our Personal Reflection tools can help. These personal reflection tools and resources can be used for you to reflect personally, for example on an aspect of your vision and culture, or these tools can be used to share with colleagues.

In this section we have the following resources:

Vision and purpose

Bringing meaning to work

Why do people work for your team? Being able to answer this question means that you can evaluate how well you are living up to these expectations.

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Culture and values

Determining your values

If you or your organisation do not have any recorded values, this does not mean you do not have them… it just means you haven’t taken time to identify them. This resource will help you to do just that.

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Culture and values

Assessing your values

Organisational values are not just nice words to be put on paper. They need to be working for you to drive improved consistency and alignment.
Understanding how well your current organisational values fit with your organisational priorities and strategy is an important first step in deciding whether you need to revisit them. This resource will help you to do just that.

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We are adding new tools to our Resources page but if you are looking for something in an area we have not covered, why not arrange a free 30-minute consultation with us and we talk through your requirements with you.