Communicating market liberalisation and change using Big Picture tools

The Big Picture People help engage employees involved in major change and market liberalisation

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Implementing Change
Sector: Food raw materials
Lead contact: Group HR Director
Employees in the picture: 1200 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 5 months

“The opportunity to explore and discuss key business issues helped to put our business decisions into perspective for many of the people who attended the Big Picture sessions. A lot of the feedback we received was also incorporated into our strategic planning … genuinely changing the way we run our UK business”

Group HR Director

Our client’s challenge

At the time we worked with them, British Sugar was the leading supplier of sugar to the UK market, with products represented in the leading brands of all of the major global food and drink manufacturers. Employing over 1200 people, British Sugar operated four sugar beet processing sites in the UK which produce bulk sugar as well as animal feed, and other co-products.

Regime reform and the market liberalisation of the European Sugar market meant there was a real need to get everyone on board with the marketplace changes and potential impact on the UK business. A key requirement was building clarity with respect to the new Vision and the business priorities that underpinned it as well as the launch of a set of values that would be needed to contribute to the future direction of the business and the opportunities for growth it provided.

Our solution and results

With market liberalisation, aA bespoke Big Picture and tools were created to help everyone engage with the significant changes in the marketplace and develop understanding with respect to the Vision, values and priorities for future growth. In total 144 sessions were run with cross-functional teams from across British Sugar focusing very deliberately on the competitive challenges ahead and the opportunities for value related activities that would help build a ‘one team’ approach in response.

The Big Picture and tools created a platform for future communication and learning within the business with participants scoring 90%+ in the confidence they now felt with regard to the need for customer focus, the actions ‘we’ need to adopt and their understanding of the specifics of the British Sugar Vision post liberalisation.

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