Leading engineering company engages employees around “Customer First” message at company conferences

Roll-Royce worked with The Big Picture People to develop a Learning Map for their staff conference

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Company conference
Sector: Engineering and energy
Lead contact: EVP Customer Business
Employees in the picture: 10,000 people
Locations: United Kingdom, Brazil and Canada
Lead time to launch day: 5 months
​”The learning map, exercises and other tools used during the Customer First workshops helped us to run well-organised and effective sessions.”

Executive Vice President Customer Business Energy

Our client’s challenge

Rolls-Royce Energy Division commissioned The Big Picture People to develop a Learning Map toolkit to deliver the following objectives at their annual company conference:

  • Enable a consistent communication of the importance of the customer relationship to build alignment, understanding, engagement and ownership.  Recognising:  ‘Where we are today’;  ‘Where we need to be’;  ‘How we get there’.
  • Provide a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and communication within and between teams with respect to consistent delivery of Customer focus in the workplace.  Bringing it alive with a common language.
  • Build clarity, relevance and credibility.  Enable alignment between individual and organisational goals in respect to the Customer relationship. Recognise the importance of Quality, Delivery, Reliability and Responsiveness in giving customers what they value.
  • Clearly understand why Customer First and the customer relationship is important to “me personally” and why “I” should support and engage others around it.
  • Form an integral part of developing an individual action plan to drive change.
  • Provide a mechanism to support the alignment of new people to the business.

Our solution and results

​Working with senior managers and a design team, we developed the “Customer First in Energy” Learning Map and toolkit.  The materials communicated the challenges the business faced in delivering its promises to customers which included long lead times, late delivery, re-work etc. 

It contained powerful messages around “Where we are falling short” and what values, actions and behaviours were needed to re-build trust with customers.  We trained Rolls-Royce staff to deliver these messages and materials to their colleagues at their annual company conference. 

The materials were rolled out to all staff working within the division and we also translated them into Portuguese and French-Canadian for staff based in Brazil and Canada.  

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