Put your people in the picture

We create unique, visual communication tools that share the big picture of your organisation with your people. Employees learn how their role and behaviour delivers your key strategic priorities. The result is engaged and aligned colleagues who contribute more.

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Bring the big picture of your organisation to life

The Big Picture People bring the big picture of your organisation to life for your people to meet your specific communication and learning needs. Our products create ‘lightbulb moments’ for your employees by visualising core messages and combining them with engaging narratives, experiential learning and facilitated conversations all around your organisational big picture. Employees who understand the big picture and can see how it relates to their work, feel a greater sense of belonging, feel more engaged, are more productive and make more informed decisions.

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Innovative products that make the complexity of your organisation accessible to your people

Our diverse range of big picture communication products enable you to consistently share your big picture across your organisation and relate this to your drivers of change. We encapsulate the history, changing context, purpose, vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of your organisation into your big picture. These critical elements are combined to create your strategic narrative that we enable your employees to understand and link to their attitudes, behaviours and actions. The result is more engagement, alignment and ultimately better organisational performance.

A proven engagement methodology used by the world’s leading organisations

Since 1999, our Big Picture products have been engaging our clients’ people in meaningful conversations about the mission-critical issues affecting the direction of their organisations. We typically work with internal communication leads, organisational development specialists, learning and development professionals, human resource leaders, technical experts and other key decision-makers. We provide innovative and interactive solutions to their internal communication needs in order to support their transformation agendas.

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