A gamified approach to onboarding new employees into leading retailer

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Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Onboarding New Employees
Sector: Retail
Lead contact: Head of Communications & Engagement
Employees in the picture: 36,000 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 3 months

“A fun and engaging way to bring new colleagues onboard within the business”

Senior Manager

Our client’s challenge

Following on from the success of the Learning Map that we developed for B&Q as part of a major business recovery plan, The Big Picture People were asked to help with the development of a new tool for the business, for onboarding new employees.

The business wanted to welcome new employees to B&Q and invite them to “Grow with us” at the the beginning of their Induction Journey. They wanted to emphasise that employees are an integral part of B&Q’s success, that they matter to us and that the business is delighted they have joined. It was important that employees spent time getting to know each other, sharing future plans, the vision and strategy for success as well as understanding the important role everyone plays in delivering and building success for themselves and for B&Q.


Our solution and results

​The Big Picture People developed an induction toolkit, for onboarding new employees, in the format of a board game called “4-3-3 & Me”. This induction toolkit was aimed at new B&Q employees who worked in stores. The game mirrored a typical customer journey, highlighting each area of the store in turn and allowing team members to identify specific, practical things they can do to provide a positive experience. Which is vital when onboarding new employees into B&Q.

Our induction toolkit used in conjunction with the main Learning Map, within a few months, customer satisfaction scores were consistently beating targets and employee engagement had reached a world-class level.

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