Company pride at an all-time high for global manufacturer

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Culture and Values
Sector: Manufacturing and distribution
Lead contact: Head of Human Resources
Employees in the picture: 300
Locations: UK, Australia, France, Hong Kong, China, Morocco and US.
Lead time to launch day: 7 months


“The toolkit is a really critical part of the Learning Map as it enables people to learn by doing.   The facilitator can take people through discussions and exercises about quite complex issues, leading to ‘Aha moments’ in a way that wouldn’t be as effective in a ‘tell’ situation.”

Group HR Manager

Our client’s challenge

Tommee Tippee is a global super-brand for baby and toddler feeding products, and market leader in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand with ambitious plans to continue to drive international growth.

Tommee Tippee products are manufactured by Mayborn Group that has Headquarters situated in North East England, UK and commercial offices, company-owned manufacturing and warehouse facilities located globally.

Tommee Tippee needed to consistently communicate and embed new company values globally across the business, to put their people in the picture about how they could contribute towards achieving the organisation’s vision of becoming the #1 mum-to-mum recommended brand. The Executive Team evaluated employee engagement methods as alternatives to their traditional method of top down, one-way team brief. Although initially sceptical about the appropriateness of the Learning Map to deliver their goals, the Executive Team took a leap of faith to work with The Big Picture People to scope out, and deliver, their communications project to share and embed new company values globally.

Our solution and results

For communication of their new company values we worked in collaboration with the Tommee Tippee Executive Team. We developed an initial headline plan into a clear project scope with measurable outcomes. This included articulating how employees would be helped to feel and behave differently about the organisation, to understand its direction for the future, and to recognise the contribution they individually and collectively could make.

The Big Picture People created a Learning Map which was presented in the form of a colourful metaphor that brought Tommee Tippee’s core strategy, company values, key business objectives and major change processes to life in a rich, clear and meaningful way. The Learning Map visual made it possible to get everyone up to speed quickly and consistently, and to energise employees to contribute and reflect on how their roles deliver strategic imperatives.  Following system roll-out the Learning Map was then displayed on walls to maintain employee engagement beyond facilitated sessions. Action learning tools were developed to complement the Tommee Tippee Learning Map, with translation into French to enable engagement with employees internationally.

Tommee Tippee reported a huge shift in the level of engagement and buy-in to the company vision. By implementing the Learning Map people were put in the picture about where the business was going, gained a real understanding of strategy and values, as well as gaining a thorough insight into why changing behaviour was so important to the achievement of organisational goals.  The organisation also felt more connected with all parts of the business, enabling enhanced working relationships. An employee engagement survey undertaken 12 months after the completion of the Learning Map roll-out reported upper quartile results relative to other organisations in this sector, including:

  • 95% of employees had pride in the business
  • 85% of employees understood the organisational values

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