Engineering company visually communicates its story to employees

There is a huge challenge in helping employees "see" the big picture of where the business is going, what our values are.

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Sharing the company’s story
Sector: Engineering
Lead contact: CEO
Employees in the picture: 50+ people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 2 weeks

“As the manager of an SME, there is a huge challenge in keeping all of the staff ‘seeing’ the big picture of where the business is going, what our values are. Behaviours and culture are linked to this. The employee engagement in the process was fantastic and helped to re-enforce the culture that we had in place. I can remind my management team of the big picture each time we meet, but I have less control over how that filters down and into the teams. Having a ‘Big Picture’ that we can display, with a narrative, means that everybody can see where we started, where we are going and that everybody is important, whatever the role. We are all pulling in the same direction.” CEO

Our client’s challenge

Guidance Automation is a pioneer in navigation and control technologies, with over 25 years’ experience in developing advanced solutions for the global robotic vehicle market. The award-winning organisation has thousands of systems in service and helps other companies improve operational performance and efficiency.

The organisation was looking to share its ‘Big Picture’ narrative with its employees in an easy-to-understand, visual format. It needed to show all its people the vision for its future, looking at how it will achieve these objectives and explaining how they will contribute to this. Furthermore, Guidance Automation needed a way to communicate its three focus points for this journey, while also looking at the tools that will monitor their progress and keep track of its success.

The company approached The Big Picture People to help create a memorable way to show employees this journey and get them on board with it. Key to this was the need for a quick turnaround time.

Our solution and results

The Big Picture People, in partnership with LeoDo, helped Guidance Automation create a bespoke Discovery Map® which allowed its employees to understand the key messages of its vision in a visual format.

Guidance Automation was provided with a high-resolution digital version of the product which it distributed to all its employees company wide. The Discovery Map® was created in a one-day facilitated workshop, which allowed several staff to contribute and help the organisation capture its most important points. This was a face-to-face meeting, with LeoDo graphically recording this and taking on board the key points which would be used in the final products.

Teams of four employees discussed what is most important for the future of Guidance Automation, giving them a chance to discuss the positives of the current business, the challenged for the future and why the organisation wants to progress this way.

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