Major global bank reinforces culture and values through highly interactive sessions with all UK employees

HBSC logo Courageous Integrity internal communication case study

Key facts and figures

Business priorities: Culture and Values
Sector: Banking and Finance
Lead contact: Head of Learning
Employees in the picture: 30,000 people
Locations: United Kingdom
Lead time to launch day: 5 months

“As leaders, our role is key in helping our team discuss our plans and where we’re heading, the values that are important to us and to really understand the impact their roles and actions have on our success. The Values Learning Map has supported this. It is an interactive workshop that has helped to bring to life the story of our business and the context we all need to operate in.”

Group General Manager

Our client’s challenge

At the time we worked with them, the success of HSBC depended on its people. It was vital that all employees worked together with a shared commitment to the company and understanding of its direction, challenges and how a values-led culture could help make HSBC the Best Place to Bank, Best Place to Work and Best Place to Invest.

At the heart of this was the expectation that every one of their people will act with Courageous Integrity and that in all their dealings they will be Dependable, Open and Connected.

HSBC wanted to develop a tool to help their people to develop their understanding and commitment to growing a business with Courageous Integrity. In particular, they wanted them to be aware of:

  • The changing market place.
  • The HSBC vision and the objectives, goals and strategies that will help them achieve it.
  • How Courageous Integrity and a values led culture is key to unlocking potential.
  • How everyone plays a part in leading and building success not just for HSBC, but also for themselves.

Our solution and results

The Big Picture People worked with HSBC to develop a Learning Map and full suite of communication materials that: 

  • created an engaging approach to learning about the HSBC culture and values, its current business position, what’s at stake and how courageous leadership can differentiate it and support the journey ahead.
  • give everyone the opportunity to clarify their understanding and build ownership.
  • reinforce the contributions ‘we’ / ‘I’ need to make and the leadership role they play.
  • create an interactive and engaging learning atmosphere 
  • build leadership credibility through leader-led and owned process and clear, simple messages. 
  • provide an opportunity to maintain focus over an extended period of time.

The materials were developed with the involvement with a range of stakeholders. At the end of the development process, The Big Picture People trained a team of HSBC’s internal facilitators and enabled them to lead their colleagues through the materials.

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