Nick Whitelock

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Nick Whitelock and BigPicture Learning

Founded by Nick Whitelock in 1999, BigPicture Learning was born from Nick Whitelock seeing the opportunity for more engaging communications with employees in large organisations. After a career that had spanned companies such as Mars Confectionary and PepsiCo, Nick whitelock had accumulated many years of innovative practices and had developed a personal approach to communications that was the foundation of the BigPicture Learning methodology.

Starting with clients such as Vodafone, Walkers Snack Foods and Hilton Hotels, BigPicture Learning rapidly developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients. This reputation allowed the business to grow organically and develop a client base that would be the envy of many consultancy businesses.

Nick Whitelock founder of BigPicture Learning now The Big Picture People

Growing mainly through referrals and repeat business, BigPicture Learning has always focused on customer intimacy and developing customer relationships based on trust, a partnership approach and mutual respect. Clients value working with us because we challenge their thinking. Our pursuit for excellence means that we ask the difficult questions that are essential in establishing a clear understanding of the big picture at all levels of the organisation.

In 2017, Nick Whitelock retired, and Craig Smith took over the day-to-day running of the business. Craig came from a career background in international organisational development in large, fast-moving businesses such as Lyonnaise des Eaux and PepsiCo. Since pursuing a career in consultancy since 2007, Craig had worked for BigPicture Learning as a Learning Partner on numerous client projects for clients such as Tommee Tippee, Ernst and Young and Tesco.