“Keep yourself in the picture” – December 2018

19 January, 2019
Employee engagement December 2018 news. Your one stop review of current thinking and future developments that affect the way we all work.

Monthly Focus on Employee Engagement and Employee Communications

At The Big Picture People, we’re passionate about employee engagement and communication in the workplace, and keep a more-than-keen eye on news, current thinking and future developments that affect the way we all work.

We’ve condensed the most provocative, insightful and interesting news and blogs that we’ve read from the past month into this article. You can find out:

  • Brexit may be the hot topic on the high street, but in HR circles less than two in 10 are extremely concerned about its impact. Compare this to the major concern of HR professionals for the year ahead – employee engagement, which 40% believe will be their biggest headache in 2019.
  • Google may be considered an exciting place to work, but it is no longer the best place to work. Research conducted by Glassdoor concludes that even unglamorous, mundane businesses can win the hearts and minds of their employees. In the top spot, Anglian Water is placed 12 places higher than Google, and praised for its ‘positive culture and working environment’ and ‘strong focus on employee engagement’.
  • Companies that want to improve their standing as a place to work may need to focus on cultural change. In fact, cultural change is unavoidable when making organisational change – and there is a process to help.
  • If your company is growing slower than you expect, the reason could be that you are not adopting the technology to engage employees more effectively. Two-thirds of SMEs have told Crown Workspace that this is also inhibiting their ability to retain top talent.
  • Aiming to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, performance, morale, and employee engagement, 40% of organisations believe that they achieved a culture of wellbeing in 2018, compared with 33% in 2016. The tools, tactics and techniques used may provide you with ideas to do the same in your organisation.

To access each story below, just click on the headline. We hope they help to inform and inspire, and perhaps provide discussion ideas for your next team huddle. If there’s anything we’ve missed or a topic you’d like us to tackle for you, please get in touch.


Employee engagement is HR’s biggest challenge in 2019

Cascade HR’s annual study of the HR landscape for 2018 has revealed the topics that are most likely to keep human resources professionals awake at night, as we begin to look ahead to 2019. In top position is employee engagement. (Find out more)


The 20 best places to work in the UK in 2019

Research by Glassdoor shows that Google has crashed from the top place to work in the UK. And Apple? All the way down in 43rd position. Topping the list is Anglian Water. (Find out more)


Keys to success when implementing cultural change

This article discusses the key factors to follow when making the cultural change needed to ensure organisational change sticks, including deep understanding, creating a sense of urgency, process, and developing an engaging narrative. (Find out more)


A lack of technology adoption is stifling growth of UK SMEs

A new study has shown that UK SMEs are suffering because of a lack of adoption of technology. Modern technology has created a new set of rules for the workplace, and many smaller businesses are failing to ensure that their employees can work and communicate effectively – and this, in turn, is damaging employee engagement. (Find out more)


Two-fifths of organisations have established a culture of wellbeing in 2018

Two-fifths (40%) of organisations believe they have achieved a culture of wellbeing in 2018, compared with a third (33%) in 2016, according to a study by HR and benefits adviser Buck. Influencing factors include stress, work-life balance, and financial concerns. Employers are now focusing their wellbeing programming accordingly. (Find out more)


We hope you find these stories informative, and please feel free to share this article with your colleagues and wider network. Once again, if there’s anything we’ve missed or a topic you’d like us to include in future digests, please get in touch.

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