Keep yourself in the picture – September 2018 engagement news

13 October, 2018
Employee engagement news September 2018

Monthly Focus on Employee Engagement and Employee Communications – September 2018

At The Big Picture People, we’re passionate about employee engagement and communication in the workplace and keep a more-than-keen eye on news, current thinking and future developments that affect the way we all work.

We’ve condensed the most provocative, insightful and interesting news and blogs that we’ve read from the past month into this article. You can find out:

  • What employees really think about their bosses, and how senior management could become more trusted
  • A strategy to eliminate resistance to change, with engagement led by effective communication tactics and active leadership
  • Why technology is destroying engagement with work, and how more technology may be the answer
  • What UK workers enjoy about their work, and why they are the most disengaged workforce in Europe
  • What techniques you should be employing in the modern workplace to improve staff training and development – the techniques that will help engage your employees in their work and your business

To access each story below, just click on the headline. We hope they help to inform and inspire, and perhaps provide discussion ideas for your next team huddle. If there’s anything we’ve missed, or a topic you’d like us to tackle for you, please get in touch.


Official: Senior management are least trusted in the workplace

A survey by Virtual College has found that 95% of senior managers have an overinflated opinion of themselves. This is how many believe they are trusted. Meanwhile, the same survey found that only 16% of employees trust their senior managers. Almost half of employees felt that improving trust was essential to improve happiness in their roles – and more than half cited improving communication as key to building a more trusting environment. (Find out more)


The best staff engagement strategy is led by communication

Engaging staff is key to eliminating resistance and making sustainable change. In this article, we explore the elements of engagement that would lead to implementation rather than installation of change. The list includes active leadership, employee empowerment, and creating a cultural environment that encourages continuous improvement. Heading the list is providing more effective communication, with tips on how to do so. (Find out more)


Using the intelligent cloud to solve the employee engagement crisis

This opinion piece discusses a common problem that many companies are experiencing today: the way in which technology is blurring the line between professional and personal life, and how this is damaging employee engagement.  It suggests that greater investment in technology is key to improving employee engagement, connecting teams via more flexible working patterns. (Find out more)


Employee engagement in the UK trails the EU

Employees in the UK are less engaged with their work and their employer than their European counterparts. This is the finding of a survey by Cornerstone OnDemand. In its attempts to discover why, the survey also found that work/life balance was a key factor in job satisfaction. It also suggests that uncertainty over Brexit is disrupting workplace happiness, and that organisations must work hard on employee happiness and development as the Brexit process moves forward, to retain a productive and engaged workforce. (Find out more)


The latest techniques to help improve staff training

This blog from TrainingZone discusses “the most effective training tools and techniques HR managers can use” today. These are the methods by which companies can deliver training in a “more convenient and engaging way”. We couldn’t agree more – the list includes all the elements of how the Learning Map achieves such great results! (Find out more)


We hope you find these stories informative and please feel free to share this article with your colleagues and wider network. Once again, if there’s anything we’ve missed, or a topic you’d like us to include in future digests, please get in touch.

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