Strategic employee engagement delivers up to 37% greater success

14 January, 2020
Barriers to change

Getting your people involved in the big picture

Josh Bersin, the San Francisco-based global research analyst specialising in corporate human resources and talent management, has helped to compile a new report that details the strategies that organisations can employ to improve performance and results through strategic employee engagement.


A different approach improves employee engagement by up to 37%

The report compares traditional approaches to employee engagement with a different approach. It concludes that modern workforces react less positively to traditional recognition programmes such as tenure rewards and bonuses – especially when they are not linked to business objectives – than they do to strategic employee engagement and recognition programmes.

The key factor is a strategy’s ability to drive culture. The research shows that organisations that invest in strategic employee engagement boost their employee engagement scores by 37%.


The key elements of successful strategic employee engagement programmes

The modern workforce is motivated by connection to purpose. Successful strategic employee engagement programmes ensure that employees are aligned with their organisation’s purpose and vision. This ensures that employees become connected to the bigger picture. It helps organisations to create the environment in which meaningful moments develop the positive employee experience that determines how engaged employees feel with their work and an organisation’s business.

The report outlines the key elements of successful strategic employee engagement and recognition.  According to the findings of the research, engagement and recognition programmes that include the following elements are 12 times more likely to generate strong business results, and increase employee engagement, productivity and customer service performance by 14%:

  • Measurable
  • Integrated with other engagement initiatives
  • Social
  • Timely
  • Transparent


Building alignment and buy-in with the big picture

Building alignment and buy-in is critical to strategic employee engagement. Employees who understand the big picture of your organisation feel more passionate about their work and contribute to your organisation’s goals more effectively.

The Learning Map is deliverable when it is most needed. It invites small groups to visualise and explore the opportunities, challenges and complexities that your organisation faces. The supporting dialogue enables them to take ownership and personal responsibility for their role in delivering future success.

The Learning Map employs storytelling to make the process memorable and natural, and interaction ensures that all are involved and participating. It is developed specifically for your organisation, planned and designed to deliver your own communication objectives. The system also uses your company data, videos, marketplace statistics and survey results – integrating them with a bespoke series of interesting and informative activities and challenges for the participants.

In short, the Learning Map delivers all the key elements identified in the Josh Bersin/Reward Gateway report as key to improving strategic employee engagement by up to 37%. The measure of its success is the awards that our clients have won for employee engagement and communication. These include:

  • HRD Awards
  • CIPR Inside
  • The Corporate Engagement Awards
  • The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For
  • Inside Story Awards

To discover how the Learning Map can help you achieve award-winning employee engagement, get in touch with The Big Picture People today.

(To see how putting people in the picture creates a shared vision and helps set a concrete destination, read this case study.)

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