Comms and engagement during mergers and acquisitions | S3 E15

First published: 2 August, 2022

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 3
Comms and engagement during mergers and acquisitions | S3 E15

Comms and engagement during mergers and acquisitions

It’s very easy to think that all of the change that we’ve experienced over the last couple of years has been related to the pandemic and the aftermath of the pandemic. But, as we probably all know, there’s been a lot of business as usual change going on with organisations as well and there’s also been a significant amount of merger and acquisition activity. Now, regardless of whether you work in an organisation that has been through a merger or acquisition, or even if you work in a sector where that is unlikely to happen, maybe working in a public sector organisation, I think learning from significant change like this can be really helpful in finding out the implications for internal communicators. It can be helpful both from a personal perspective, the impact it has on our own work and our own careers and also the work that we are doing. I think this example will serve any of us well when we’re facing other types of change that aren’t necessarily related to mergers or acquisitions. So I reached out to today’s guest, Stephanie Briggs, to speak to her about her experience of going through a significant merger and acquisition process, whilst also experiencing a significant personal change in her life, a major relocation.

We discuss how she’s had to adapt her approach within the new organisation and find her place within that organisation where her role didn’t already exist or it was in a different form. We also look at her own personal move to a new IC role from a more traditional marketing role and how she’s adapted to that and what resources and tools she is now using in this new environment that she’s working in. It’s a very inspirational story of someone who has thrived in that type of environment.

And I think we can all take from that some very personal lessons for our own careers and the way that we deal with change, but also how we help our colleagues to adapt to change within our organisations.

Guest profile

Stephanie Briggs is Director of Employee Experience at Ivanti which is an automation platform that makes every IT connection smarter and secure across devices and infrastructures. With a career in Marketing and comms, Stephanie has a passion for storytelling. Stephanie is also a published horror author and a blogger on the art and technique of writing.

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Link to relevant episode: https://thebigpicturepeople.co.uk/blog/podcast/communicating-change-s2-e29/

Stephanie’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanievelyn/

Personal writing website: https://www.iamsterp.com/

Personal art website: https://www.sterpcreates.com/

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