Connecting employees to the big picture | S3 E8

First published: 26 April, 2022

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Engaging Internal Comms Series 3
Connecting employees to the big picture | S3 E8

Connecting employees to the big picture

Amanda Mogan-Wilson is Marketing and Engagement Director at Martin James Network. Amanda spent 13 years of her career in PR working in both boutique and major agencies, where she led award-winning teams. When Amanda joined Jardine Motors in 2019, she found a new communications passion – employee engagement; Amanda believes that if you get colleagues living and breathing your company values, they will naturally become your biggest brand advocates and she has taken that into Martin James Network where she started in November 2021.

When you work in an organisation and a particularly large organisation, it can be really difficult connecting employees to the big picture, and to show how their contributions locally contribute to the greater good of the organisation, whether it’s for a corporate or whether it’s for a not for profit or whether it’s a public sector organisation. We’ve all probably experienced being in a role which is a central corporate role, and having those different factories, those different offices, those different divisions within our realm that we are trying to be able to make sure are all buying into that overarching corporate message and those overarching corporate values. If you can then step away and think, how would I do that? If I was working in an organisation that was a confederation of lots of different businesses, an organisation that owned and ran lots of different businesses in different sectors with different customers and different clients in very different ways of working in subcultures, you can start to imagine how that would become even more challenging and even more difficult in terms of ensuring that that consistency is there. So that’s what we’re going to be looking at in today’s interview.

How do we  go about connecting employees to the big picture at a corporate level along with the corporate values and corporate messages whilst recognising their local needs and their local requirements? This is regardless of whether that’s in an umbrella organisation, a network organisation like the one that my interviewee works for, or whether it’s just a single consistent organisation but with lots of divisions and sub elements to it. This is what we’re going to be looking at in today’s interview and we hope you’ll find this a really interesting conversation.

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Website for the Martin James Network: https://martinjamesnetwork.com/

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